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Post Tie-Up Help needed

My mare suffered a minor tying up episode 2 hours after completing a 25 mile ride
at a relatively slow speed.  She was treated by the ride vet (banamine, a calcium-
potassium drench, and three hours later, a selenium/E injection).
Upon return home, I had blood pulled Monday morning.  All indications are that there
was no organ or muscle damage, and my vet recommended that my mare be started
back into her conditioning program in 4-5 days.
She gets no grain, only good grass hay, Horse Guard supplement, and 4 quarts of
beet pulp daily. She was e-lyted beginning the Tuesday prior to hauling to the ride,
using a local Grange product.  After the tying up, she has been started on a liquid
selenium/E supplement as well.
I'm looking for any guidance on how to approach her re-conditioning.  She is moving
nicely (gaited horse), great attitude, and eating/drinking well.  But, I don't want to
do too much too soon.  Any input will be most appreciated.
Sue Riegel, So. Oregon
Distance Peruvians and Rescue Keeshonden

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