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Shine and Shine Only IV-CEI-B

I helped out by being a vet secretary at this ride.  I have to start out to
say that I woke up on  a sunny morning in Mountain View only to
go into windy, cloudy Mt. Hamilton Road (San Jose) and had to
wear three more layers than I normally would this time of the year.
As I drove home, I had to pull off a layer at a time as I descended
back into Silicon Valley (so there, Maryben...)
The only difference I saw at this ride was that the vet check
had a taped off area for P&R's and the vet lanes were more
clearly marked.  And of course, we had some endurance celebritries
here!  Mike Foss, DVM was there as the "foreign veterinary technical
whatever....." and of course Valery Kanavy.  They are both very
personable people and we enjoyed having them at the ride
Sandy Shuler,DVM was looking kinda glam with her hot pink
lipstick as she capably vetted. 
Becky Hart did another great job as ride manager along with Judith Ogus.
Becky is such a real person, that sometimes we forget that
she has done so much for the sport of endurance with her
three world championships! 
Mike Foss just returned from a trip to New Zealand and Australia
to vet rides.  Dr. Nancy Elliott just had a trip to Brazil to vet a ride.
The vets were hanging around comparing notes on
the different countries.  I should have been more of a bug on the
wall, but I was more concerned with getting my second cup of coffee
into me.
The more I see Nancy as head vet in action, the more I am impressed
with her as a ride vet.  She knows most everyone by name, including
the horses, and remembers their history.
I saw only two of the FEI riders finish the ride before I left at 5:00 p.m.
They were not the ones racing, either!!!
Other people hanging out at the ride - names you might recognize from
someplace- Julie and Bob Suhr, Ruth and Ron Waltenspiel, Mike Maul
and his computer, Maryben - ride secretary extraodinaire, Heather Bergantz,
Lori Oleson, Ken Cook,  LS Zane Grey and his gang Eric, Kathy & Katelyn
and a host of others that my fried brain is stuttering on.
Well, next weekend should be interesting too at Washoe.  My farrier
better come thru with his redo of three sprung shoes going into the
second week of a shoeing cycle.  Darn.  Need to do an easyboot
fitting and training.  Got my health cert/Coggins.  I just NEED to go!!!!
FN:Kathy Mayeda
TITLE:Electrical Designer
TEL;WORK;VOICE:(408) 436-8300 ext: 239
TEL;WORK;FAX:(408) 436-1511
ADR;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:;;97 East Brokaw Road=0D=0ASuite 300;San Jose;CA;95112;USA
LABEL;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:97 East Brokaw Road=0D=0ASuite 300=0D=0ASan Jose, CA 95112=0D=0AUSA

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