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Panacur believer!!!

I thought I would update you all on my daghters thin Arab and her remarkable weight gain after giving the Panacur purge about a month ago.
We had been shoveling feed into this mare all winter (free choices of grass, great oat, and hefty helpings of alfalfa hay, plus huge tubs of beet pulp, corn oil, mature horse, etc).  She never did pick up weight, so despite feeling like my worming program was adequate, I finally wised up and took in a fecal.  It showed encysted strongyles.  I had to want another month and a haf becuase I had just wormed her, but then did the Panacur double dose for five days.  I also did the other five horses, to keep consistent. None of the others had a problem keeping weight on, but I figured if she was carrying parasites, they might be also.....I used the liquid suspension (sold for cattle) and syringed it down their throats, far easier than the paste and half the cost!
The fecal on Breeze just came back negative.....we checked it three weeks after the worming.
But........all and claims they make about drastic change are true in our case!  This mare not only picked up weight, she picked up
APPETITE!!!  The cleans everything up; her coat looks better, and she is round!!
I don't see much of a change with the other horses, but their spring coats are sure comming in nice!

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