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Another beet pulp question

I have been reading all the posts about adding beet pulp and  oil to
your feed as a way of giving extra calories instead of feeding large
amounts of  feed. I started feeding beet pulp to my 4 horses a couple
months ago and they all love it except for 1 of them. Of course it is
the horse that I ride endurance and needs the calories/fat. I have also
tried adding corn oil gradually to his feed and he refuses to eat it. I
also tried mixing steamed rolled oats with the beet pulp and he still
refuses to eat it. So, does anyone have any secrets to get this horse to
eat beet pulp or oil added with his Omolene 200 or can I get away with
feeding him 6 pounds of Omolene 200 twice a day. He also gets free
choice coastal Bermuda hay and is in pasture 24/7. Oh yes, and we cannot
forget the free choice loose salt. I also add Stride min./vit. twice a
day even though Omolene 200 is a complete feed. Let me add that this
horse is one of those that could really care less about eating most of
the time. He acts like it is a chore. Now carrots, on the other hand, he
loves. We go through many a carrot during vet checks.

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