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Re: RC: Newbie first race

It alll depends.....

Just think that you personally are going to run a marathon...So, are 
you just trying to finish? (good idea...!)  Will the adrenalin be 
going? You betcha. Do you want to be safe and your horse safe?  So, 
don't get caught up in the moment (this is not a TB race) THINK!  be 
calm!  your horse KNOWS something different is going on and will 
probably be on the muscle. Start as late as you can and convince your 
horse that this is just YOU and ME kid, going for a ride.  Don't 
worry about the other guys.  Don't make it a race.

This will set the whole story for how your horse will go. So, don't 
mess it up. You know how hard it is when you've made a boo-boo with 
your horse, to bring him back. Especially if you think you've been 
saying go slow and your body language was urging go fast.

And most of all enjoy these early days. These are critical building 
blocks and you have the opportunity to really understand what kind of 
endurance athlete you've got. And to make him sane for future rides.



>Hey Ya,
>I would appreciate a little advice for a first race.  Intermediate 
>rider on a conditioned but green horse.  Just don't know how she 
>will act, she's alright around 2 or 3 horses as of now.  Anyway, I'm 
>in Memphis so the closer the better and the fewer the better. 
>Possibly ready in 6 months.
>Thanks a bunch !!
>Lynette and Cheyenne
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