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Re: Barn Aisle Composition

Our barn isle is aglime.  That's the crushed lime that farmers spread on the
fields.  Not too pricy, and after it's settled and wet a few times it's just
like concrete.  Barn's been up for 5 yrs and it's really easy to rake up.
We had planned to just use the aglime for a base and then concrete over it,
but heck...the aglime is so hard we don't need to!

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Subject: RC: Barn Aisle Composition

> We have finally finished our stalls in our barn and use sawdust shaving.
> barn aislefloor is dirt and gravel right now, but I'd like to put a
> substance in the aisle that I can hose down when it gets too dusty, yet is
> not hard on unshod horse feet like bare gravel would be. Keep in mind the
> scooping poop thing too.
> Anybody have any thrifty ideas? Rubber matting would be great, but who can
> afford that?
> Has anyone had experience using driveway gravel with coarse sand over top?
> Thanks in advance
> Susan, Sabian, Fly Bye, Dandy and Jazz
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