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MSM & the Police

Wednesday I shopped at Wilco Farm Stores in McMinnville, Oregon.  Needed dog
food and MSM.  I couldn't find the MSM so asked for it as I was checking out
and found out that it is now kept under lock and key and you have to show
your driver's license and give your phone number to buy it.  This information
is also recorded in their "drug" book.  Once they have the info then they
unlock the case and you can get your MSM!  They claim the police department
requested them to do this and it is the right of the police department to get
your drivers license # any time they want.    Well, I don't take real well to
invasion of personal space in the good ole U.S. of A.  Has anyone else had
this experience with buying MSM?  So far the local police department has not
returned my phone call but I will persist.

I have an old horse with arthritis so I do consider this a horse question but
I know there are lots of people here and I'm hoping maybe a vetinarian,
police officer or maybe even a lawyer can pass along some info on this.

Kathleen Yielding
POAs since 1968

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