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Re: Re: The Impression Pad

> Truman, I don't know what pad you think is the impression pad,
> but the impression pad does not have sensors?
>Dolores Arste

Hi Dolores -

I don't think Truman is saying there are actual sensors on the pad.  He's
saying it's a sensor system in terms of detecting pressure points.  He's
saying the pad only senses the average pressure over a larger time interval,
but that you sometimes also need to use computerized sensors to pick up
pressure points that happen at particular moments in time, for example, your
saddle may only have a pressure point at that exact moment where the horse
is at the utmost extension of his trot and he's saying an impression pad may
not be able to tell you about that problem *if* the saddle fits perfectly
the rest of the time.   Is that right (, Truman)??

He's not saying the pad's information is worthless, but that for $200 it's a
good starting point for checking basic saddle fit.  (Can't wait to try my
friends impression pad next month!)  So, for example, if the saddle fit
checks out with an impression pad and you still are having sore backs or
other problems, it might merit using a computerized system to analyse the
finer points of the fit with a computer.

Happy trails -


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