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Re: RC: Bermuda Grass

> >        So you might want to contact this vet and ask him why he is >
> > spreading > this around to feed stores. <BG>

Oops. Didn't mean to send that, but as long as I did...I'll say that my
own vet has mentioned the same rumors.  When I've unloaded at his place,
he casually checks the hay hanging out of my trailer and asks if I've had
any trouble with impaction.  I say no.  Then the next time I go he asks
the same thing.  Then he mentions those rumors and I tell him my
theories.  I still say the bad name it has comes from people like the man
I heard say, "I bought a load of that (probably straight out of the
field) and threw it to my whole herd and ever one of'em coliced."  It was
his own fault but he was too dumb to realize it.  I've had 2 colic on
well cured hay.  Both horses just liked it so much they were gorging on
it. They weren't my horses, someone just let them eat some of my hay (and
they were wolfing it down); once at a show, another when we'd met to
ride. (I didn't know at the time that it was a problem) It was strictly a
gassy colic that passed easily with Banamine.  The other 2 mild cases
were when I fed them the loose stuff I swept off the hay trailer when we
were unloading it straight from the field.


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