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Re: Sport Saddles

I am with Karen Chaton re: sport saddles soring horses.  We have two SS
and my husband just bought the impression pad at the AERC convention and
I used it with my SS with a pad and without and we also used it with
other saddles and the impression pad showed the LEAST pressure points
with the SS and NO and I mean NO dent or impression in the gel under
where my seat bones sit.  I also have an equine chiropracter adjust my
horse every 4 mos and he says my horse is completly free of any back
pain.  Now I would look for other source of pain.  Not all back soreness
is caused by saddle, not that I think the SS is perfect.  (it has worked
for me better than any other saddle, but I had a horse that had epm with
alot of back soreness and it was not at all caused by the SS but from
compensation due to his disease.
I love my SS and the impression pad showed a great fit and as far as
sitting on the spine...with a toklat pad and foam inserts my horse
always has a nice channel sweat free down his spine.  I must add though
I am a featherweight  weighing 120lbs during ride season and that can
have some bearing on soreness. 


Linda Eisele & LS Lakota
hubby Allen & LS Iceman
2 great sons-Blue & Nick
canine Scooby, feline Tuna
Reno, Nevada

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