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Re: Re: glue shoes

 My husband and I treated a chronic founder client with glue ons and when we
finally euthanized the horse a month later (not related to the shoes!) we
had to chisel them off the dead horse (owner wanted them).  This horse was
just pastured, not ridden of course, but those shoes were TIGHT.  We also
have lots of dew and dampness here in the NE.

Laura Hayes

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Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 10:23 PM
Subject: RC: Re: glue shoes

> Not sure of the brand, but my farrier has one horse (not mine) which uses
> glue-on shoes. Very pricey - not just for the shoes, but for his labor.
> hoof has to be virtually polished to get them to hold - time consuming.
> is an elderly non-breeding stallion (with very thin walls) that is not
> ridden. I suspect long rides would put too much stress on the glue joint.
> Duncan Fletcher
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> > tom sites
> > [snip]i just went to a demonstration of and am awaiting
> those results.  Its pricy,  25$ per shoe including glue excluding labor.
> if anyone has any experience they would like to share  whether good or bad
> would be greatly appreciative.  tomsites
> >
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