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glue on shoes

Mike put glue on shoes on a horse that boarded with us several
years ago.  The horse's owner had let a pair of steel shoes on
for an overly long time ...we called her several times to tell
her that the shoes were loose and she needed to contact her
farrier.  Well after about 12 weeks and the shoes were half on
the horse and half off, Mike pulled them (the gal was a
DQ=dressage queen and considered us country bumpkins).  After of
about 2-3 weeks barefoot her horse was sooo sore he had a hard
time walking on just plain ground.  She finally asked Mike to
shoe her horse.  The hoof walls were soooooooo bad by this time
that there was no way he could  put a nail on shoe so he tried
the glue ons.  They helped the poor horse but, they were a
pain!!  Here in the midwest we have morning dew and the glue
didn't hold very well.  We were constantly re-gluing the tabs
down and the horse lost every shoe at least once a week.  We
kept at it for the horse's sake and after several months and a
hoof supplement the boy was able to go barefoot.


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