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Fwd: RC: 100 in a day vs 250 over four days

In a message dated 4/9/01 3:41:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

.  For a multiday, they have to stay
sound day after day after day after day.  

I may be taking this the wrong way, But don't we want our horses to always be
sound?  I sure do.  I don't start any ride and "hope" my horse stays "sound"
until the finish, if I feel there is a question I stay home.  I don't do a
ride, either 50s, 100s or multi days unless I know my horse is in great
condition.  Yes, I know things can and do go wrong, but "K" seems to have the
attitude of doing 100s is best cuz as she says " horse only has to stay sound
1 day"  Pretty pathetic to me.


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At 10:35 AM 04/09/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Ray O.
>    Which would be harder on the horse?

Well, it all depends on the course and how it is ridden, the experience 
level of the rider and horse.  I don't know if there is an answer. 
Obviously, going 250 miles is 2.5x longer.  For a 100 miler the horse only 
has to be sound for one day, 24 hours.  For a multiday, they have to stay 
sound day after day after day after day.  Makes for a different challenge, 
each one unique......hard to compare.  I don't know of any courses off hand 
that are 100 milers in addition to being a couple of days of a multiday, so 
anything you compare is apples and oranges.  I think some of the smartest 
riders I know are multiday riders (and most of them ride 100's as well, so 
maybe it's really the other way around<G>).  I think you learn a lot more 
and your horse does to, doing multidays.


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