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Re:Vaccination/Sarcoids Decision

Abby, I am responding to the list as a whole so anyone who disagrees
withme can also give their feedback, so you can hear all sides.  I have
been on the list for 3-4 years now and haven't posted much this year due
to 2 jobs but some will remember 2 years ago my experience with my horse
Sareei and EPM.  I had tlak to alot of vets and learned so much about
diseases that MAY be linked to a depressed immune system, sarcoids, may
be one of them.
What I learned was and I emphasize!!!! Vacines are very important and
although I would never suggest forgoing them, they can be hard on the
immune system when given all at once such as the 5-7 ways shots.  We now
give the most needed shots, ONE at a time once month apart. 
Even small animal vets have agreed and noticed an increase in auto
immune and skin diseases in cats and dogs that may be related to over
Don;t give a vaccine to a horse that is ill, or too close to or after a
competition due to the stress involved there. If you are unsure of your
horse's protection, you can have a blood titer done to see if the horse
has enough antibodies already.  We plan on doing it this year to our
horses. I know it is a pain to have the vet out each time for each shot,
but some horse just don't handle multiple shots all at once. 
I am curious what some of the ridecamp vets feel about this.


Linda Eisele & LS Lakota
hubby Allen & LS Iceman
2 great sons-Blue & Nick
canine Scooby, feline Tuna
Reno, Nevada

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