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Re: Starting times in the new On-line calendar

So (correct me if I'm wrong) using this site as an example, with the time
of 6:00 listed, we are to assume that 6:00 is probably the starting time
for the longest distance -- first riders out?  We would then adjust the
time about an hour for each distance?  


>When the data from the old office system was imported to the
>new one  - the new added fields
>for starting time were not populated.  The old data had the
>starting time in the overview field.
>There isn't any easy way to pick the starting time out of
>the old data so most of the rides
>have a default value for starting time.
>As new rides are entered in the new office system - the
>staff will populate the starting fields
>with the correct data.
>For now - always check the line right after address - called
>location.  this will have the correct starting
>times in it.
>A example is from this ride.
Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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