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Boarding/Employment in Oregon

Hey everyone...

This summer, I am moving up to the Portland area of Oregon.  I'll be going to 
school there, but not for over a year.

I'm looking for a place to board my arabian mare... Specifically, a pasture.  
  If anyone knows of any pasture boarding around Portland, I'd be extremely 

Also, I will be looking for a job, with horses.  I'd like be working full 
time until I start school in the Fall of 2002 (so, not for another 16 or so 
months)... at that point, I'd be interested in continuing to work, but only 
part-time.   I prefer working with Arabians, but a horse is a horse is a 
horse, and I love them all.  I'm experienced with horses, and have taken care 
of (read: fed, watered, groomed, rode, ect) all my horses thus far.  I have 
good general knowledge of feeding, care, and some training.   I'm totally 
willing to do the "dirty" work; cleaning stalls, grooming horses, and 
feeding.  In fact, there's nothing I love more than to spend a couple hours 
brushing horses and hanging around the stable.   I enjoy the atmosphere of 
shows and endurance rides... and although I am not a competitive person, I do 
enjoy working behind the scenes, getting the horses ready and I like crewing 
on rides as well.   Being able to ride is not a nesseciety, but it's a plus.  
I'm mostly a hunter/jumper rider, and have taken lessons for 8 years.  I'm 
generally a quiet, and sensitive rider.  I like to go slow and not rush 
things.  I would treat every horse as if he or she was my own.

Thanks... Please email me, as it's the fastest and easiest way to get ahold 
of me.
I'm thinking of driving up to Oregon this Spring Break, to visit.  It would 
be nice to meet any prospective employers or see any prospective boarding 
pastures all at once.

Take care

--Kallie Teufel

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