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Re: RC: girth itch/crud

At 11:13 AM 04/06/2001 -0700, Jennifer Kurtzhall wrote:
>I looked in the archives but couldn't find anything on girth itch (weird) 
>does anyone have a cure or info on what exactly it is? I think it's a 
>bacteria right? I can't get through a ride any more without my horse 
>getting this awful, itchy, cruddy, flaky junk on his girth area and 
>between his front  legs. I keep my tack religiously clean and bathe him 
>before and after every ride but it doesn't seem to matter. Anybody have 
>similar experiences or info?

Hi Jennifer:

I use Eqyss medicated shampoo to bathe them in, and also regularly 
disinfect my tack.  The best thing I have found to keep the horses skin 
moist and supple (and not flaky) is aloe vera juice.  I buy it at Wal Mart 
for about $6 a gallon, and sponge or spray it on their coats, all over the 
saddle and girth area.  My horses are both extremely sensitive skinned, so 
I have to be careful about putting anything on them, or else I may make it 
worse.   But this seems to work on the both horses in ride seasons where 
they are going well over 1,000 miles.


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