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Donations Wanted

Hey y'all - 

It's spring cleaning time, and I know I'm not the only one who has some
work to do in the tack room ...

I am the Riding Director for a horsemanship program at a YMCA camp here
in Northwestern Connecticut.  We own a small handful of horses, and
lease the remainder for our program season which runs from May to
November.  Our program focuses on teaching recreational riding.  The
vast majority of our students & campers come to us with no horse
experience whatever and our passion is opening their eyes to the wide
world of equine enjoyment (with a minimum of myths and old wive's tales
attached ;)).  We use the time with the horses to build positive
character traits as well as self-esteem and relationship skills.  It's
LOTS of fun.  You can see our camp at

So anyway ... here's what I'm driving at:

If you have halters, tack, helmets that don't fit, blankets, leg wraps
that don't match, saddle pads, etc. etc. etc. that are taking up useful
space in your barn and you'd like to donate them, we would LOVE to
receive them.  Our most-needed item would probably be waterproof turnout
gear.  I know that dealers sometimes have odd-lot or blemished items
that are hard to sell.

Camp Jewell is a branch of the Greater Hartford (CT) YMCA, and is a
tax-exempt charitable organization.  Donations are tax-deductible.

If you have something you can donate, let me know and I will send you
contact information and our tax-exempt number for your records.

Thanks in advance!

Abby Bloxsom
Riding Director
Camp Jewell YMCA
Colebrook, Connecticut

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