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Cushings and white line

Just thought I'd give out some encouraging aspects of a mare
with Cushings.  My old mare (she turned 27 in March) was
diagnosed with Chusings 4 years ago.....she probably had it
longer but, she too never showed alot of symptoms.....other than
she started getting heavier and then came the cresty neck.
Anyhow, we've had her on cyproheptadine since and she is doing
great.  We still use her for lessons....yes she tires easy (but,
age might have something to do with that too).  I have her on
grass hay and pasture.  Our grain is lower in protein and I do
feed a bran mash during winter months.  She has lost the crest
and has never had any of the other side affects (like founder,
etc...)  I 've been lucky but, I just give her the cypro. on her
grain in the morning....I have a vet that got it in liquid form
and carmel apple flavor and I hav eno problem getting her to eat
it.  I do use the pills for awhile but, then they got hard to
get....(went to Walmart and for 25 pill it was over $100)  The
liquid I get is about $250 for the whole year.  Mosey is well
worth it as that is pennies for everything that she has done for
me.....There is another medication but, the name slips me at
this is the next step up if teh cypro stops
working.  I've been lucky as they say the cypro only works for
about 2 years.  Hope this helps.

On white husband is a farrier and has seen several
cases over the last couple years.  there is the old orange
medicaiton of mercurichrome (oK so I'm not a good speller).  Now
I know they say that it is a carcinogen but, it is cheap and can
be found at most drug stores.....this works great once you have
the hoof open in that area as it gets sucked into the rays of
the fungus (hope that makes sense).  Another treatment is the
Oxy stuff for acne for kids.(can't remember that name
either....don't have kids)  Both are very easy to apply ...the
mercuerichrome we use a syringe with blunt needle and can really
get it where it needs to be the other stuff just squirt out of
the tube.  Both have worked for his clients and ourselves as our
older stallion had it when we got him.  We use the mer...ah heck
.........the orange stuff....

June.....hey it's finally spring here in the midwest of
Wis......still snow on ground but, the sun actually does exist
and it's above 40 before 10 am.  YIPPEE !!!! I must be

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