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Re: RC: Sulfate vs HCL

That's interesting since I was under the impression that the body fully of sulfates by natural means? Do you mean sulfites rather than sufates?


"Barbara B. Peck" wrote:

Dr. Newell: REL Chondroitin sulfate vs HCL I ran that question by my PHD biochemist friend and my nutritionistbuddy and they both agree with your post.One added thing though.. is that some people (and animals) can show an allergictype reaction to sulfates, so, the consensus was, all other things being equal (in the gut)then go for the HCL form. Barb Referenced post:I ran this glucosamine sulfate vs. glucosamine hydrochloride question by my
biochemist SO when one purveyor or another of the stuff was bragging that
theirs was better.

His take on it was that, in all likelihood, both  of them are going to get
cleaved in the acidic environment of the stomach, and you'll end up with
free glucosamine any road.

                                          CMNewell, DVM

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