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Re: Re: need help with separation anxiety issues in young horse

> much . However, It was a long grueling road, but well worth it. Hang in
> there and good luck to you and your horse!
> Robyn

Thanks, Robyn.  Since so many people have been asking what I decided to do
with Dakota, I thought I'd reply publicly that I finally settled on a
trainer in Lancaster, CA named Larry Jeffreys.  I came across his name while
looking for pack equipment and started asking around and his reputation and
experience are impeccable.  He was even (coincidentally) recommended by
Robert Miller (the equine behaviorist vet that did the foal imprinting
videos) when Bob was up here at Colorado a week or two ago for a seminar.
Bob said he thought Larry was one of the most naturally gifted horseman he'd
ever been around, and Bob is no slouch himself.  Plus, my packing buddy
Chuck Petersen also knew of him through the horsepacking grapevine and had
heard nothing but praise.

Anyway, I spent a fair amount of time on the phone with Larry and really
liked him---very easygoing, really cares about the horses, decades upon
decades of verified experience and gave me PLENTY of references to check
with who all practically wept on the phone singing his praises.  Like any
good professional, he's not cheap, but reasonable (about $700 a month) and
I'm confident of getting what I'm paying for, which is all I ask.

So Dakota will be heading down there this week so Karen can concentrate on
getting ready for XP, and she'll get him back in August probably sometime
after Tevis.  I'm going to fly out to see him a time or two, and Larry
offered to take some video of his progress every week or so, which I thought
was really nice---he was really understanding about my anxieties over

Anyway, I'll let y'all know how Dakota comes along.  Larry seems to work
quite a bit with young horses that just need to grow up a bit, so he might
be a great resource for the So Cal endurance community.

Susan G

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