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Re: contracted heels bout some info on the "headstall apparatus" you were using in Dubai..we saw pictures, but would like more detail and info...Thanks...Cora
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From: Darolyn Butler-Dial
To: ride camp ; Kathy Copeland
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 1:21 AM
Subject: RC: contracted heels

Bob M. had it right.... just make sure that trim is a good natural "Strasser Trim"... a lot of concavity, hollow out the quarters some, (sides of the hoof wall), low heels, (hairline should be a 30 degree angle) and do what is called opening cuts on the contracted part of the heel to help nature along in spreading it back out.  See these web pages for more detailed information: 


Barefootin' is an incredible discovery for bringing health back to the foot.  No more interference, forging, thrush, navicular syndrome..... cures founder & laminitis too.  Almost anyone can learn to trim... and once the horses have had a few months of work barefooted,  they (depending on the horse's hoof & the terrain) can go barefooted for life.  OR.... there is a product called horsneakers (see web page) that can be worn during the transition or on really rocky ground competitions.   Read LIFETIME OF SOUNDNESS  by Hiltrud Strasser DVM and it will change your life & how you look at your horses feet.  You can actually be in charge of his feet like you are his food & what tack he wears.... amazing freedom!!!

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Here is one for all you farriers out there.  Best thing to do for contracted heels. 


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