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Re: "Essential" Oils

Thank you, Sue.  I was hoping that someone could explain the mechanics of 
this, not just "it causes anemia in horses".  I can tell you my personal 
experience on garlic with horses, four of them to be exact.  None of the 
four who have been eating garlic powder for 3 years have had any problems.  
My three come off of it during the winter, I can't see feeding it when there 
are no bugs (and I'll get to that in a little bit).  My girl friend feeds it 
to her horse year round. She feels that it boosts his immune system.

We feed about 2 - 4 oz/day, depending on the time of year and quantity of 
bugs.  Just mix it in with their food and my guys love it.  It takes about 6 
weeks for the garlic to get into their tissues enough to keep the bugs away 
(personal observation).  What happens is that the bugs (mosquitos and gnats, 
mostly) still swarm around the horses but you'll see them swarming about 2" 
off of the horse.  And the horse isn't going nuts, so the bugs aren't on 
them.  It doesn't work as well with horse flies or stable flies, they land, 
but they don't bite as badly.

Now my question goes to, why don't members of the onion family cause anemia 
in humans?  I eat ALOT of garlic, more than I care to admit to, and I don't 
have any problems with it.  So help me on that part.

Carolyn Burgess

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>Whether this will occur in horses, I don't know, as it hasn't been tried
>under experimental conditions---however, it's worth at least mentioning 
>cattle, cats and dogs can all get anemia from eating anything in the onion
>family, including garlic, whether raw, cooked or dehydrated.  The toxicity
>comes from the n-propyl disulfide, which is toxic to erythrocytes (red 
>cells).  5-10 g of fresh onions per kg of body weight was enough to produce
>significant anemia in dogs, and 30g/kg for only three days produced bloody
>urine, severe anemia and death.  Allowing for water content and so on, the
>equivalent dose of 5-10g/kg in a horse would be about 8 ounces of onion or
>garlic powder a day.  Cattle are reported to be more sensitive to it than
>dogs and cats, and horses are alot closer in physiology to a cow than they
>are dogs and cats.
>I realize no one has suggested feeding a half pound of garlic powder on a
>daily basis, but this might be something to keep in mind before you started
>adding very much.
>Susan G
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> > Is he eating that garlic??? I think that stuff is raw!  We'll if he eats
> > good for him.  I use about 2 tablespoons twice a day.  If your using the
> > fresh garlic, he will definetly stink for sure.  About the hair that 
> > shed out.  Why don't you clip it and be done with it?  As long as you 
> > to the lenght of the summer hair coming in, you should be fine.  And 
> > when it finally decides to fall out you won't have affected the summer
> > And don't you dare complain about bugs!  It has to be warm to have bugs
> > I'm still knee deep in snow (I live 15 miles west of Boston, MA - the 
> > should be gone by now!).
> >
> > Carolyn
> >
> >
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> > >Well, my big paint horse is out in the pasture "stewing" as I write.  
> > >has these long guard hairs (some are  3 inches!) that won't shed out
> > >late April. I try (every year) a combination of clipping and plucking ,
> > >they seem to continue growing until they finally fall out. Drives me
> > >crazy!! This is south Texas, for heaven's sake, he hardly needs hair in
> > >WINTER! All of his other coat has shed, and is very short, so I have
> > >him in baby oil....Will let you know if it works.
> > >
> > >I found one of those jars of chopped fresh garlic(the quart size,from
> > >Wal-Mart) in the back of my old refrigerator , rather than waste it(how
> > >something can have so much odor, but so little flavor is beyond me) try
> > >on the horses- the flies and mosquitoes are BAD this year. I started
> > >with about a tablespoon, now they probably get 2-3 ounces per feeding. 
> > >that about right, Carolyn? Wasn't sure what size scoop you were 
> > >to. <g> Had a mental picture of a 55 gallon drum of garlic powder, you
> > >a feed scoop of garlic.!!
> > >
> > >Nancy
> > >Billy Joe( I look, and smell, like a @#$% PIZZA!!.. BAM!!)
> > >Molly ( glad my hair is all even!!)
> >
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