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"Essential" Oils

Well, my big paint horse is out in the pasture "stewing" as I write.  He has these long guard hairs (some are  3 inches!) that won't shed out until late April. I try (every year) a combination of clipping and plucking , but they seem to continue growing until they finally fall out. Drives me crazy!! This is south Texas, for heaven's sake, he hardly needs hair in the WINTER! All of his other coat has shed, and is very short, so I have soaked him in baby oil....Will let you know if it works.
I found one of those jars of chopped fresh garlic(the quart size,from Wal-Mart) in the back of my old refrigerator , rather than waste it(how something can have so much odor, but so little flavor is beyond me) try it on the horses- the flies and mosquitoes are BAD this year. I started  them with about a tablespoon, now they probably get 2-3 ounces per feeding. Is that about right, Carolyn? Wasn't sure what size scoop you were referring to. <g> Had a mental picture of a 55 gallon drum of garlic powder, you with a feed scoop of garlic.!!
Billy Joe( I look, and smell, like a @#$% PIZZA!!.. BAM!!)
Molly ( glad my hair is all even!!)

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