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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V01 #395

I can't help but post  back to this one.......this may be fine for horse that
live inside (not in the red cinders) and aren't gray!!!!  My horse is a
"horse of a different color" already, I can't imagine adding to that!!!

It's a good idea though, if anybody does it, let us know how it works!!

Johnna (still laughing)

You may have seen this, if you read Equus, but I thought this was
interesting.  An article states that you can speed shedding by "emptying an
entire bottle of baby oil over your horse, making sure to cover his legs and
belly.  After leaving the horse oiled for an overnight soak, give him a
warm-water shampoo.  The oil encourages dead hair to slide from the
follicles.  The procedure itself makes one big mess but gets it all over
with in a hurry.  The oil treatment works so well, in fact, that some
recipients can look rather bald for a few weeks afterward."

Central CA (where it was 80 today)

I have attached good fortune to the mane that falls
between thine eyes. Thou shalt be the lord of all
other animals...thou shalt fly without wings.
                             - Allah

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