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chiropractic bill!!!!!!

Attention nevada horse owners, this Friday state legislature will decide
on a bill that will allow equine chiropracters to practice w/o the
prsence of a vet.  The presence of a vet is a financial burden for the
horse owner who can't afford paying for both attending physicians.  If
anyone in Carson City or Reno  Nevada area can attend the hearing at the
state building 7-9am rm2135 to voice their support for this bill, it
would be great!!!!!
If not, plz call 775-684-6789 to voice your support b4 Friday!
People can go to a chiropracter w/o having a physician present why
should we
not be able to do the same for our equine friends.  This will make it
much more affordable for the horse owner. 


Linda Eisele & LS Lakota
hubby Allen & LS Iceman
2 great sons-Blue & Nick
canine Scooby, feline Tuna
Reno, Nevada

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