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Re: Join Us for Regional Awards

John, I look forward to seeing you there and getting our awards from you.
Hope your leg is healing well and fast.   gesa n clovis n skye
I hope we all will recognize each other without our helmets on!!!

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Date: Saturday, February 26, 2000 2:27 PM
Subject: RC: Join Us for Regional Awards

>The Regional Awards presentation at the AERC Convention next week will be
>held all Friday afternoon.  The AERC is letting me announce the award
>and placers and thousand mile horses.  I'm really looking forward to doing
>this because I think everyone who places deserves the credit.  I've also
>endurance deprived of late and am aching to b.s. with my buddies.  Last
>some people were disappointed by the lack of ceremony for the Regional
>Awards.  I can't promise pomp and circumstance but we'll have some fun.
>AERC is even providing the wine.
>All the riders and horses in the standings have already done their part and
>I'll do mine.  Here's what you other convention attendees can do.  Just
>and support the folks from your region with your applause, cheering, ribald
>comments or whatever else you are into.  Together we can make it a
>John Parke
>Solvang CA
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