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Join Us for Regional Awards

The Regional Awards presentation at the AERC Convention next week will be 
held all Friday afternoon.  The AERC is letting me announce the award winners 
and placers and thousand mile horses.  I'm really looking forward to doing 
this because I think everyone who places deserves the credit.  I've also been 
endurance deprived of late and am aching to b.s. with my buddies.  Last year 
some people were disappointed by the lack of ceremony for the Regional 
Awards.  I can't promise pomp and circumstance but we'll have some fun.  The 
AERC is even providing the wine.

All the riders and horses in the standings have already done their part and 
I'll do mine.  Here's what you other convention attendees can do.  Just come 
and support the folks from your region with your applause, cheering, ribald 
comments or whatever else you are into.  Together we can make it a memorable 

John Parke
Solvang CA

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