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Re: RC: electrolytes

In a message dated 2/25/00 5:06:10 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< I am using endura max electrolytes and am pleased with how it works, but I 
 having problems with the stuff setting up like concrete in the syringes. I 
 have tried splitting the dose between 2 60 cc syringes but it still does it. 
 I use applesauce to mix and the syringes have the small tips, I tried 
 the openings larger but it didnt help. Has anyone had this happen, also, do 
 they make syringes with a wider opening, but still with a cap to carry with 
                                                            Shelly in DE >>

Use canola oil or corn oil as the mixer. This will at least delay the 
hardening. Mix it sloppy and cap it tight.


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