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Re: RC: ankle chips ?

In a message dated 02/23/2000 9:43:25 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< i'm wondering what your comments are on a horse with chips in both front
 ankles that the vet said "should not interfer with performance."  this horse
 would not be used for more than dressage and maybe some limited distance,
 but definitely trails.  he is a thoroughbred and the chips are from the
 track. >>

I have a horse that once had a bone chip in one fetlock joint and he was 
intermittantly lame for 22 months before anyone could find out what was 
wrong.  He would be trotting briskly down the trail and from one step to the 
next would come up a 3-legged horse.  FINALLY, the problem was diagnosed by 
taking three sets of X-rays at different angles.  Difficult situation as the 
horse would be sound by the time the vet came to look at him.  I had 
arthroscopic surgery done on him at UC Davis (CA) vet school, and once he 
healed the problem has never reccurred.  I personally would never buy a horse 
with bone chips already diganosed.


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