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Lumps and ultra sound

I posted earlier about a couple of soft swellings my grey horse has around 
his right buttock since before Thanksgiving.  I just had some dental work 
done on Sorin, and had the vet take a look.  Just looking at it, he doesn't 
think it is a cancer.  He said maybe it is something that could calcify.  (I 
had originally considered a biopsy, but had heard that if it was cancer, 
taking a biopsy could irritate it.)  He suggested ultra sound instead.  I 
never priced a biopsy, but the ultra sound will come out to about $200!  
It's a 'long way from his heart', and doesn't appear to be changing or 
bothering him - should I go ahead and spend the money to take a look?  (The 
truck I'm saving for keeps receding further and further - new washing 
machine, dog and horse vet bills.....)
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