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Re: RC: One inch stirrups straps on a SS

Hi Cindy

Thought I was the only one to do exactly that.  I started using my
webbers about 1 day after I got my SS.  Couldn't stand the bulk of the
originals.  So I have my light 1 inch webbers with my huge cloud
stirrups and although they look clumsy, they have been perfect.  I put
one of Jan's seat covers on which come right down and tie to the
stirrups also so I never have to worry about the webbers digging into my
leg.  That way also people don't keep telling me that saddles  not
really leather.  I really does look like plastic leather doesn't it?
The seat cover also keeps me at least partly in the saddle.  I sure
wouldn't want to ride very far on the bare saddle.

Attaching the webbers took a while to figure out, but I finally put the
looped end around  the stirrup and then pulled the end through the
loop.  The other end goes around the stirrup hanger and then you just
choose the length you need.  It's upside down and works so slick people
can't believe how quickly I can change the length when necessary.  I
love the webbers because they seem to have a bit of give which helps my

Hope this help

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