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Re: RC: Re: EPM in feeds?

In a message dated 2/21/00 10:15:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< When considering everything
 she was being fed, and the inability to control the birds, I could see how
 contamination could happen to the bagged feed supplements also.  I don't
 know if they've documented contamination via that route since it would be
 tough to prove unless they actually isolated the protozoa in the feed
 itself.  I'd be interested in how they processed the feed?  High
 temperatures?  That, it seems, would do harm to the nutrients while killing
 off only one small microcosm of contamination in a world where
 contamination is possible in so many different ways. >>

Yes, contaminated grain as a source of infection has been demonstrated, and 
for those who live in areas with no opossums, it is pretty much the ONLY 
source of the infection.

It does not take much heat to kill S. neurona in the grain--the simple act of 
steam rolliing will do it, according to the folks who study the bug.  I agree 
that a complete "cooking" process could be "overkill" but steam rolling is a 
pretty minimal thing and is also pretty commonly done.  You're right that 
when you live around opossums it's impossible to eliminate the problem, but 
for those of us who don't, feeding local hay and not feeding any grains that 
aren't at least steam rolled is a pretty simple way to pretty much eliminate 


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