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Hallelujah trail conditions

In response to the questions,
The trail conditions are improving. The mostly sand/clay footing is
drying out. The young pine saplings that had become "head knocker" after
our recent snow storm have been cut out of the way. There will still be
some mud in the low shady places, and near the stream crossings, but
it's not too bad. There are gently rolling hills, some woods trail,
feild and timber access roads(all dirt) and a little bit of shoulder of
the road riding, but that is directed off the road where possible, so
less of that than last year. The four loops circle back into camp, so
all the vet checks will be at base camp. We have five vets, four ride
vets and one treatment vet. The Fairfield County Rescue Squad will be
spotters on the trail. They have devised a trailer to pull behind a four
wheeler, in case they need to bring and injured person out of the woods.
The weather forecast predicts lows in the 40s and a saturday high in the
70s. No rain in the picture until Sunday when there is a slight chance
of scattered showers. There will be BBQ pork and Chicken served Saturday
pm to riders and volunteers. Extra meal tickets for non riders who are
not volunteers is $5.00. There will be a farrier at the ride site Friday
evening, arriving around 6:30, and he will be available SAturday.
If you have further questions, I will only be at home through Wednesday
night. Then I'm up to the ride site (30) miles from my house.

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