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Re: vetting criteria

>4) The type of platform New Bolton Center used to use to diagnose subtle 
>lamenesses via what they called the "shiver factor" Injuries cause 
>proprioceptors to send messages that conflict with commands sent from the
>to control muscle and leg stability and stance--so you get a shiver. Subtle, 
>but easily seen on an oscilloscope. 

What kind of a machine is used to detect the "shiver factor"?  Would this
be along the lines of an EMG?
>5) Infrared thermography. 
What would be the most prevalent finding here?  Isolated hot spots?  We ran
a thermographic imager over my brood several years ago when my son worked
for a Seattle agency doing thermographic imaging on building electrical
systems (he and his boss were out visiting and showing off the equipment to
us.)  It was pretty interesting in that the only hot spot we found was
lower leg of one of my horses that had never taken an off step...and never
had any future problems with that area, thank heaven, but we watched it
carefully.  I found the whole procedure fascinating and Fred, the company
owner, was just getting into using it on horses so he didn't have a lot of
background to share at that time.  Is this something that's being used on a
regular basis at the tracks now?

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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