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Re: Re: CRI

Pat wrote:
> Tom, Heidi, Bette,
> I have to tell you that although I really am interested in this particular
> thread and feel that there is much that ti and Heidi have said today that is
> great food for thought, it is really a turn off when there is such mean
> spirited personal attacking intertwined with the debate


>And no, I do not consider myself to be
>the moderator or the judge or anything like that. If I care about someone I
>feel that I have a responsibility to share with them what I am feeling
>rather than feeling uncomfortable or resentful and saying nothing.

I'm going to have to go on record as submitting a "me too", me too. 
The phrase that continually comes to my mind is the one from Dragnet....."just
the facts, ma'am".  I can appreciate a well debated subject and I suck up that
kind of info like a sponge...even did some debate stuff in my youth up in
northern Minnesota so I can appreciate the passion that goes with the subject
of your choice and expertise.  However, I was raised in an ultra-conservative
midwest home and, even tho I was occasionally a hellion a bit later on, I
have that background pounded into my head.  You did not fight in public.  It
was stressed to always debate with intelligence and not emotion, and always
with a certain amount of decorum!  I went on to spend the rest of my life in a
profession that values tact and I'm really hopeless. ;-)  I
don't mind an occasional zinger in good humor...but I start feeling a bit
awkward when the daggers start flying.  Sorta like the uneasiness you feel
having to sit and listen to your parents argue.

I get a tremendous amount of education from passionate, intelligent
people...but my ability to stay focused diminishes when the debate starts
turning personal.  From my debating days I learned that the winner was most
frequently the one who could keep cool and stick to the facts thru out the
debate.  If you got personal and degrading during the discourse, the focus
shifted to the behavior and away from the subject content.  I don't want
to stop the discussions because I think this variety of information is very
valuable and it's what progress is based on...but let's have "just the facts"!

Thank you.  (And I don't own a flame suit...but I have asbestos skin from
dealing with surgeons for 30 years!! ;-))

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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