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Re: RC: Interstate Transport

In a message dated 2/21/00 7:30:15 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Don't know much
 about them first of all(West Coast outfit)and they charge 720 to
 haul from Oregon to Texas(lowest rate I've found)but they want
 a Coggins, Health Certificate and brand inspection(Cayenne Doesn't
 have a brand but that doesn't matter and I understand). >>

"THEY" don't want it--those things are required BY LAW.  Texas is pretty 
serious about Coggins tests (saw a notice on a clinic wall down there last 
week that there were 400+ positive cases in Texas last year) and you have to 
have a negative one to even move a horse IN-state there and in some other 
southern states.  The transport company has to comply or face stiff fines if 
they get caught.  For the record--when we crossed over into Oklahoma on I-35 
last week, there was a mobile checkpoint pulling over ALL horse trailers and 
checking for Coggins tests and health certificates--one can't just "assume" 
that "no one will check..."


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