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Re: Re: CRI

Tom, Heidi, Bette,
I have to tell you that although I really am interested in this particular
thread and feel that there is much that ti and Heidi have said today that is
great food for thought, it is really a turn off when there is such mean
spirited personal attacking intertwined with the debate (if such it can be
called). ti, I appreciate your wonderful sense of humor and your willingness
to be engaged in discussion and your obvious seriousness of intent with
respect to your seeking  of knowledge and your willingness to share but I
really can't see the necessity for belittling Heidi for having a differing
opinion from you. I think that in the light of some of the intercourse here
today, Heidi has shown considerable restraint in defending her position
without resorting to personal baiting or put downs. And from your posts,
Bette, it seems to me that you were offended by Heidi's discussion with you
about your horses (wrong or right) and have been watching with glee in the
hopes that ti will beat up some more on Heidi so you can cheer him on. I
have to tell you that this is not the spirit that I particularly want to see
on ride camp. I subscribe to another list, (clickryder, discussing clicker
training) and there is such a great amount of respect and support shown to
each other in the discussions there. Sometimes the conversants disagree
strongly with each other, but the ensuing discussions are in the spirit of
co-operative seeking of knowledge and the contrast to some of the
discussions on ride camp is striking. And no, I do not consider myself to be
the moderator or the judge or anything like that. If I care about someone I
feel that I have a responsibility to share with them what I am feeling
rather than feeling uncomfortable or resentful and saying nothing.
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> << << Exactly!  Kerry Ridgeway specifically warned against using it as
>   criterion -- but it is still a wonderful "tool". >>
>  And it is very important (as implied above) to look at the WHOLE horse!
>  Heidi >>
> Such a statement from a vet would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic.
> ti
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