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vetting criteria

As a very new rider, I've been wading through the RC CRI discussions looking
for some practical advice.  TI's criticism of the tools in use at the vet
checks would be extremely helpful if he would describe what he would do
instead in specific circumstances, given the constraints of time and
resources.  If that has been presented, I have missed it and will look for it.  

Ideally I would like to observe TI (as well as an assortment of ride vets
for comparison of approaches) evaluate competing endurance horses at several
vet checks, point out which ones were in trouble or not, and give specific
explanations for those decisions.  Concrete, hands-on illustration of the
applicable principles would be invaluable, and would make a great clinic to
hold at a ride for those willing to work/watch instead of ride. I'd want a
videotape, too, for future reference. ( Now then, since I've not searched
archives or had a chance to read TI's books, someone tell me this has been
done already...and where to find the video.) 

Sally in Floyd, VA


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