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Horse registration

I've been looking for the info on registering your horses for the endurance
competitions...and I can't find diddly!  I'm obviously looking in the wrong
place.  Help! ;-)  I know it's out there since I remember sending something
in on Blaze.

Also, several of my students are getting their first AERC and PNER
memberships this year and some of them will be riding my horses.  Since
each membership is allowed one horse free registration, can horses that I
officially own be registered with them, or do I have to register them for
the (I believe) $10 per horse fee since I already have one under my name?
What about swapping horses and riders during the year?  Any considerations
here?  If they're all registered under my name, does this impact the person
who will be riding that horse (assuming it's not me.)  Is the "one free
horse" on a registration for a whole family, or does each person who
registers in a family get one horse free registration?  I'm not being
cheap, I'm just trying to find out the rules here...and I can't fine the
form for the horse registration.

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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