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Re: Spreading the word

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From: "Sue Brown" <>

> There is a discussion going currently on the PNER list about spreading
> information on endurance riding to attract more riders to the sport,
> particularly junior riders>
> Are there any videos out there that would cover the basics for those that
> are interested?  I have a classroom/lounge set-up out by the arena that
> a TV and VCR and the VCR gets a lot of use by boarders, people waiting on
> those in lessons, etc.  It would be nice to have a video available that
> would explain endurance riding and the basics for those that are
> interested.  I have the one done at the Tevis a couple of years ago with
> Potato R., but I'm looking for one that is a bit more basically
> Sue
I seem to recall that Darolyn Butler put out an excellent video that
explains basic endurance riding and competitive trail.  Perhaps you can
e-mail her.

Karen Sullivan>

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