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I too am uncomfortable with the fact that only a few horses were studied and 
in conditions that used a treadmill to simulate a 3 phase event.  Since it 
was an abstract certain conditions of the test were not described.   My 
questions are as follows.  Can you answer?
    1. How long were the horses on the treadmill.  What speed did they travel.
    2. Were they conditioned horses that might be expected to perform at 
    3. The length of an endurance competition and the length of the 3-day are 
          significantly different.  Much greater  variation in terrain.  Can 
that information
           obtained from  short distances be applied to much longer ones.

 The authors suggest that the CRI should be used in conjunction with a 
treadmill to evaluate performance.  That is not practical for use at any ride 
that comes to mind.  Time is a limiting factor.  Judgments must be made 
quickly and hopefully without error.  An error can kill a horse.

Tom,  if the CRI is not what we need to use to evaluate horses, then what do 
you propose for vets to use instead to decide who can continue?  We have to 
use something and the CRI seems to work in the field.

I add an invitation for you to visit some rides.  Big ones and small ones.  
It  will be Bush League compared to Dubai but it is the real world.   
Southern Illinois fits the H/H parameters in the study. Come on down!

Carol Wingate


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