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Re: RC: ride managers

In a message dated 02/18/2000 7:08:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< So quite often, the rides are put on by avid endurance riders=
  who, of course, would like to ride their own ride and therefore have a Day=
  Manager.  The Day Manager, like the ride manager him/herself, has to be an=
  AERC member.  This means purchasing a full membership (including delivery=
  of Endurance News, Yearbook, ballots, etc) for someone who has no interest=
  in the sport except for managing the one ride.   >>

My instant reaction to this statement is based on 25+ years of ride 
management, and that is that a Day Manager needs to know something about 
endurance riding and the way to learn is to be a member and become educated, 
even if he's not a rider.  If the proposed Day Manager has no interest in 
endurance riding, I would suggest that person not be used as a substitute 
manager.  Ride management needs to be done by someone who thinks like a rider 
and heads off the problems before they happen.  I know it's very tempting to 
ride one's own ride, but unless there is a family member or close friend who 
understands the ropes completely and knows the trail intimately, I would 
recommend the ride manager not ride his own ride.  My opinion.  I'd be 
interested in other RM's opinions.

Barbara McCrary
Ride Mgr., Castle Rock & Swanton Pacific 100
(Lucky to have a husband, 3 daughters and 3 sons-in-law who all understand 
riding & ride management)

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