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Re: RC: Re: Tieing up

In a message dated 2/19/00 10:57:35 AM Pacific Standard Time, CMKSAGEHIL 

<< Roughly 1980, Tom.  And no, it was an absolute drop in CO due to the 
inability of the heart to refill completely between strokes. >

Ah, old science. I remember that paper. Work has been published since 
describing the horse's heart's ability to exert muscular action to reduce 
refill time--let me see if I can find the newer reference.  

> The SV starts to drop pretty severely as the HR climbs past a certain 
point, and when you get to the point of fibrillation the SV drops to zero so 
the CO does, too.>

Yes, fibrillation, a special case known as a heart attack in lay circles, 
does cause a drop in CO.

>  Since I read the actual paper in English, I'd stick to English-speaking 
countries of origin.  And since the data was collected from multiple species, 
I have a feeling it was in a cardiology publication rather than one that 
stuck primarily to equine research, but maybe not.>

I think I can find both papers--let me see.
 Heidi >>


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