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Re: RC: Tieing up

Ti wrote:

> No. Athletic horses are simply not brought to the level of fitness that
> athletes are, so there is less fitness to lose. The fitter you get the
> the more easily that fitness will be lost with time off.

So when we hear the horse described as a "natural athlete" are you saying
that this is not true?

If Nayla goes back into (light) work immediately and there has been muscle
tissue damage will this not exacerbate the problem??

> I'm happy with CK under 1,000--nice if it's under 300. AST, under 1,000.

Wow.  We're always being told here that with a fit horse it should be under

> They're not to be rested You need to flush out the debris through muscle
circulation and prevent further damage via free radicals.

I thought that the main reason for putting the horse on a drip was the flush
out the muscles?

OK.  I understand what you are saying.  What I don't understand is why it
happens, when it happens?  This mare has been in work for 6 months now.  Why
this week and not the week before?  Or this an impossible question?
Could she have a pre-existing sub-clinical condition which then just boiled
over into a full-blown condition?

If my exercise routine is not a good one then why is it that I only have
sporadic (not even once a year) problems with tieing-up?  Or am I just

If a horse has an attack is it likely that the condition will re-occur or is
reocurrence dependent on management?



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