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Re: Tying up

ti -- when you say "two or three days off", do you mean no activity at all?
 If horses are in a (let's say), 40 acre pasture that is either gradual up
and down or steep,  and they cover quite a few miles everyday in their
pasture -- would you consider that to be "off"?   Haven't had any problems
with tying up except with a 1/2 quarter horse mare who was fairly heavily
muscled (original tie-up was probably mainly my fault, but then had to
fight the "tendency" from then on). 
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> Subject: RC:   Tieing up
> Date: Friday, February 18, 2000 11:12 AM
> In a message dated 2/18/00 9:50:18 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> writes:
> << Are you saying that she should be worked every day?  If this is the
> why
>  should she tie-up now rather than say 2 months ago, because her work
>  has always been like this.  Or is it something to do with her being
> Yes, fitness. Probably has to do with stored muscle glycogen.
>  >Sometimes I find training horses for endurance somewhat confusing.  For
>  long time I've understood that once horses are legged up its not
>  to "train" them everyday.  Certainly I don't know many endurance riders
>  France who ride their horses everyday.>
> That informatino is ancient and incorrect (that fitness lasts forever).
> most horses it is not necessary to train every day, but the fitter they
> the more consistent the daily exercise should be. In a very fit horse,
two or 
> three days "off" can be big trouble. When a horse goes into the syndrome,

> then daily, fuel-depleting  exercise is necessary for a while. 
>  >However when I visited Meg Wade in Australia she explained that her
>  work 7/7. They are either trained, ponied (either from another horse or
>  the back of a quad bike) or just hacked out every single day.  She seems
>  have good results so perhaps this is the way to go.  What do you think?>
> More, properly "periodized" (easy days hard days), is better.
> ti
>  Keen to learn and not keen to repeat this experience because this is
>  potentially a good mare.
>  Heather
>  France
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