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Re: older campaigners

Ol' Bubba went through a phase a few years ago where he would lean on the
side of the trailer so hard he actually bowed out the side of an OLD steel
Merhow.  After he got over that period, he went through one where he had to
have his left hind foot wedged up against the side of the trailer when
traveling. He ground the side of that bare hoof so badly in a 45 minute trip
that we had to use an easyboot for several months as there was nothing to
nail to.

Maggie Fleming
Under a Shooting Star Farm
Bubba--what can I think of next?
Secret--learning from the master, here.

 > << I will mention this about older horses.  When they get to be
> > around 17,
> > some
> >  of them have real trouble with their balance in a trailer.
> > Louise, I don't think that can be considered a normal part of aging.
> >  If they
> > are losing their equilibrium like that, I'd be seriously looking for
> > some
> > sort of a cause.  > Heidi
> >

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