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Re: RC: older guys on the trail - summary

In a message dated 02/17/2000 12:54:10 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Dunno exactly when Rio got started, but he had had 
 an illustrious career for MANY years before his BC win at the WEC at age 
 19--including AERC National Champion and a whole host of FEI individual 
 medals. >>

R.O. Grand Sultan "Rio" won the Tevis at the age of 7, so one must presume he 
had done some other rides before that, though I just don't remember them.  I 
would have thought that 7 was a bit young for asking a horse to put out such 
an effort, but Becky knew her horse and was confident of his capabilities.  
And his lifetime record speaks for itself.  He's simply a phenomenal horse.  
They don't make too many like him.  And they don't make too many like Becky, 
either, although I think there are more great riders than there are great 
horses.  Just my opinion.



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