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Amber, To answer your question, I use Outlook Express
but I imagine that most email programs have a similar

1. Go to FILE/FOLDER and make a new folder named RIDECAMP.

2. Go to TOOLS/INBOX ASSISTANT and make two entries:
    a) "If TO contains "RIDECAMP" move to folder RIDECAMP
    b) "If SUBJECT contains "RC" move to folder RIDECAMP

3. Go to VIEW/SORT BY and check RECEIVED (DATE), group
    messages by subject, and ascending.

4. Tell RIDECAMP to send you individual messages rather than the

The result is that all RIDECAMP posts will be received in a separate
folder in ascending order by date and grouped by subject.  If you do
NOT want to read any messages with the Subject "TWINKIE", you
delete the first message and all 100 messages with the same subject
will be deleted! 

After perusing all posts and reading those of interest, when I get to the
end, I hold down the SHIFT key and press the arrow key for the opposite
direction.  This highlights ALL posts and one touch of the DELETE key
gets rid of them all. If there are any I want to save I move the to another
folder (RIDE, HORSES, JOKES, etc.) first.

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities) 
Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association        

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