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Heartfelt thanks

I want to thank everyone who has let me know you are coming to the
Hallelujah Ride. There's room for more if you haven't decided yet to
come. The reason we ask for pre-entries is to please the cooks and the
volunteers. Being a fund raiser for St. Jude's, we will not turn anyone
away. The more who come the better.         AND.....
Someone taller than a "midget on a pony" trimmed the trails that will be
ridden after dark.    We have men who ride tall horses helping, and the
Fairfield County Rescue Squad has pruning equipment with extension
handles.  We spent last Saturday out checking. Other than the mud, which
we cannot control, the trails look pretty good.
Again, thanks to everyone for the good response, and if you haven't made
up your mind, well...,come anyway. It's to help sick children, and I
promise the food will be good.

    Check it Out!    

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